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Working in teams, responding creatively to new challenges, developing customer partnerships, managing resources, risks and ourselves.

For the past eleven years we’ve been working with universities around the UK to introduce undergraduate and masters’ degrees inspired by the Finnish Team Academy model.

Across the UK more than 1000 young people have already graduated with degrees which do not just test their knowledge of business theory but give them future-proof skills and attributes.

We’ve also worked with individuals to help them develop the skills to introduce Team Learning into their organisations and communities.

“I was looking for something truly different to push me, hone my ability as a coach and change my perception of the way we facilitate learning in Higher Education. Since completing Team Mastery its coaching philosophy has become the central component of all the programmes I manage, and has transformed my approach to team-working and leadership.

Few experiences in my life have been so profound that they will stay with me forever – Team Mastery is one of them.”

Simon Finley, Associate Dean Aston Business School
We offer the only Team Academy training programme in the UK for academics and business-people who want to work as coaches using team learning methods. Since 2012 we have trained over 80 team coaches from 12 universities as well as individuals working in commercial and community enterprises.

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“So much conventional teaching relies on the ability to regurgitate history. The Team Academy approach creates individuals who know how to learn; what they need, when they need it, willing to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity, and respond with action and purpose.”

Chris Jackson, head coach
Team Academy Lincoln

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