What is Team Academy?

Team Academy degrees around the world share six core elements:

Learning by Doing

Managing the risks and opportunities of running real businesses


Creating products and services in response to customer demand

Peer Learning

Working in teams to deliver business objectives and reflecting on the results


The process of learning from experience is supported by trained team coaches

Theory to Practice

Self-directed learners seek out the knowledge they need to run their businesses and appraise theory through experience


A professional working culture is developed through the provision of dedicated office space

“So much conventional teaching relies on the ability to regurgitate history. The Team Academy approach creates individuals who know how to learn; what they need, when they need it, willing to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity, and respond with action and purpose.”

Chris Jackson, head coach
Team Academy Lincoln

Team Academy-inspired degrees have been offered in the UK since 2013 and our universities are part of an international family of institutions which now spans four continents and 16 countries.

Developed from an original concept pioneered in Finland more than 25 years ago, all Team Academy degrees around the world have the same core elements.

Current programmes in UK universities:

“I don’t think there’s anything more useful than getting pushed out there to start your own project, getting real feedback and learning by doing.”

Natalie Adair, team entrepreneur
University of West of England

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