Team learning means business

Graduate under-employment is a significant issue throughout Europe. Not only is it demotivating for the individuals who have invested time and money in education it generates a poor return for national investment in higher education. The Greenpreneurs.eu team learning pilot and research project successfully helped 60 graduates from three countries towards employment.

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Applying Team Mastery in the community

Kate Saunders completed UK Team Mastery in 2017 and was keen to use her new coaching skills to make a difference in the community.

“My purpose as a social action film-maker has always been working collaboratively to create change and team entrepreneurship is a powerful process for creative teams.”

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Course title

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“I don’t think there’s anything more useful than getting pushed out there to start your own project, getting real feedback and learning by doing.”

Natalie Adair, team entrepreneur
University of West of England